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Passionate about business. Passionate about sustainability.

Some of what SWR can do for you

Sustainability Strategy Consultation

How do you control your financial risks, your environmental risks, and your human capital risks? A sustainability strategy will help you manage each of these risks. When it is all said and done, sustainability strategies are risk management strategies.

The sustainability goals within your strategy can be measured; we can help you develop benchmarks to measure your progress toward these goals.

Sustainability Report Preparation

Are you ready to do a report? We can help determine what you will need to start reporting according to GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) standards.

Who are your stakeholders? We can help you identify them so you can start your sustainability conversation with those significant to your operations.

Materiality assessment: What is important to your company’s sustainability? We can start the assessment process that will help you identify what is material to you.

Report preparation. Where do you start? We identify the resources and organization needed to launch your report and can advise you about how to put it together.

Sustainability Report Assurance Readiness

Are you ready for third party evaluation of your sustainability report? We will help determine if your report has the evidence to support its claims.

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GRI Gap Analysis

If you are already reporting on sustainability, is it compliant with the latest GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) guidelines? Is there a gap between what you report and what the GRI now requires? We can determine what is compliant in your report and what is needed to meet the guidelines.

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Sustainable Supply Chain Management

What do you know about your suppliers? We can help you map your supply chain and identify how it affects your sustainability strategy.

Are you in compliance with environmental and social laws? We can determine where you need to focus your efforts for compliance.

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ISOS Group Training

Want to know what goes into a GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) report, the world's most widely used sustainability reporting format? Then, contact me about attending one of the ISOS Group's GRI education and training programs. I am one of their GRI Certified trainers.

Coming Soon: Greenhouse Gas Quantification

Identifying and quantifying your greenhouse gas emissions can help reduce your cost of operations. In the near future, we will be able to help you measure your organization's emissions and plan ways to reduce them.

Gwendolen White

Gwendolen White, Ph.D., CPA

Principal, Sustainability Within Reach, LLC

I bring a unique perspective to the practice of sustainability reporting. With a Ph.D. in business administration (accounting concentration) and as a CPA, I understand how sustainability reporting complements traditional financial and managerial accounting. A sustainability report provides a means for an organization to examine all of its risks, whether economic, environmental, or social. Measuring, analyzing, and controlling these risks can often lead to cost reductions, product innovations, operational efficiencies, and in many cases increased profitability.

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